About Us

Long story short

Welcome to the Citizens of Main Street Podcast website! We are so glad that you stopped by and hope you enjoy listening to us every week, where we talk about all things Disney! On a typical week, we will be releasing 2 shows: 1 involving news and rumors and 1 about a fun Disney topic like a dining review, movie review, best and worst lists, or a topic requested by listeners..

The podcast is hosted by me, Jamie Lee and most of the time I will be joined by my husband, Jared Lee. We started this podcast as a way to talk about our love of Disney and to be able to connect with other Disney fans around the world! The Walt Disney Company is a massive company wiht many moving parts, and we really enjoy learning about and sharing Walt Disney World news and information.

A Little About Us 

My love for “House of Mouse” started as a kid when my family traveled to Walt Disney World many times. My mother is also a huge Disney fan, and she passed that love onto me. I think that taking a Disney World vacation is the perfect vacation destination for ANY reason, be it family reunion, anniversary, birthday celebrations, or even just a simple family trip. I am always looking forward to planning future trips I can take with my family and friends!
For Jared, his love of Disney came about a little later in life, more specifically in his late 20’s. We took our frist trip to Disney together in October 2013 and since then he has been hooked! Growing up he had only been to Disney once as a teenager and a few times in his early 20’s when his Dad lived closed to Orlando but staying on property and having the full Disney experience as they say really changed his take on it. I have to say it’s really great being with someone who loves Disney as much as I do and it makes keeping up with the latest news and planning our future trips so much fun!
Jared and I have been married since 2010 and we have a daughter who was born in 2016. We currently live in Springfield, MO, but we plan on making Orlando or a nearby area a part time home in the near future, splitting our time between Missouri and Florida. Besides Disney, we enjoy working out, watching movies, spending time with our daughter, and working on our business ventures.
Our hope and dream for this podcast is that our listeners enjoy our conversations and want to hear more from us. If you haven’t yet be sure to subscribe to the podcast on your platform of choice and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for stopping by!
– Jamie & Jared